Photo: Mathilde Nicoline Bergersen
Cover Design: Marie Hjelmerud


When the Norwegian trio Falkevik released their debut album , the feedback was overwhelming. 
The Norwegian national newspapers Dagsavisen and Aftenposten both give the album 5/6. Dagsavisen calls the trio a "lovely surprise" and that Falkevik is one of the best new names this fall. In the review in  Aftenposten they call it a solid debut.  In october the trio were on tour in Germany, and they finished the whole thing with a memorable TV performance at the ZDF Morgenmagazin in Berlin.

«Falkevik stands out amongst this autumn’s best new names»
Dagsavisen, 5/6

«Falkevik has undeniably found its musical identity and deliver a compelling debut».
Aftenposten, 5/6

«Wow. That stands out, and rightly so. […] Original, exciting, entertaining – that’s how jazz can reach the masses.»
LP Magazin

«Louder Than I’m Used to establishes itself well above the average standard of debut releases».
Norway Rock Magazine

«[…] This is a band that manages to build a bridge between jazz and pop, bringing fans from both genres closer together. […] perhaps one of the most beautiful albums of the year.»
Petter Wallace (