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Dark and intense single feat. Ola Kvernberg

It's Friday the 13th, and our newest single "Amputation" is released today!

A little backstory to the song

The single "Amputation" is inspired by a play by Norwegian writer Jens Bjørneboe called "Amputation". The play is a warning against abuse of power in the name of science. A horror scenario comes to life. The criminal justice system cooperates with medicine under a common goal; To "normalize" the population to achieve total power. Anxiety-inducing social surgeons alter people to the current social standards. Their methods mainly consist of performing amputations on those defined as failed and unable to adapt to society.

The performance "Amputation" depicts how we humans are exposed to forced normalization when the authorities force everyone to follow the same norm.

Julie was to write music for this play when it was scheduled to premiere in Kristiansand in August 2020. Covid-19, unfortunately, put a stop to this production last year, but Julie had already started composing. When the theatrical production did not materialize, she took the material to Falkevik instead, and "Amputation" was created.

It is a dark and intense song about being threatened to follow the norm in society and all the consequences that can occur if you dare to break out and be yourself.

Ola Kvernberg has also contributed on synth, marxophone, and strings to this song, which gives the piece even greater depth. A few seconds of Greta Thunberg's famous "I shouldn't be up here"-speech is also hidden in between the waves of sound, reversed and distorted.

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