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Amplify Me 


Release: April 30, 2021 

Label: Drabant Music 

Product code: DM139DS1 

ISRC: NOAGJ2113901 

UPC: 7072696003385 



With creativity and a love of improvisation and

experimentation, the piano trio Falkevik

combines Nordic jazz tradition with elegant pop

melodies. Falkevik released the internationally

critically acclaimed debut album "Louder Than I'm Used To" in 2018, followed by a tour in Norway and Germany. They got substantial radio airplay, and their fanbase is increasing both in their homeland and abroad. The trio will be releasing several singles and a new album titled "New Constellations" in 2021. The single "Amplify me" is the first taste from the album and will be released on April 30th.  


A beautiful piece with a compelling story, as Julie reveals with her own words: 


"The song "Amplify me" has been brewing for a while. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease three years ago and have been very ill. I was utterly exhausted and have not realized until now - when I finally live pretty well with the disease - how bad I was. I started on medication, which I eventually got hepatitis from - and had to stop taking them. Now I am on the third type of medicine, and finally, it works as it should. 

Amid exhaustion and hepatitis, the autumn was full of tours, and I did not understand how to get through. I played a concert with Erlend Ropstad on the main stage at The Øya Festival and was only allowed to drink water - and it felt a bit dark. Then the thoughts started about the song "Amplify me." I wanted to write a song about needing strength to get through something but wanted the piece to be so general that more than me could recognize themselves, find comfort, and perhaps power in it. 


The song starts slowly and calmly with a subdued piano and builds up gradually - a bit like my energy development has been the last year. We felt we needed someone who could make the song even more intimate on the sore parts and even more potent on the powerful parts. Who else but Ola Kvernberg? When we got this magical musician with us on this song, I danced around the living room for an hour. He is a musician we in Falkevik respect incredibly highly and have listened to since we were teenagers." – Julie Falkevik Tungevåg 


The members of Falkevik have a well-established foothold as skilled musicians in the Norwegian jazz scene. Vocalist and pianist Julie Falkevik Tungevåg, whose clear and unique voice mesmerizes the listener, playfully explores the piano's soundscapes by applying live electronics and effects, which gives the music a distinct electronic vibe. The rhythm section, which consists of Ellen and Marius, constantly supports the essence of the songs. Their flexibility and ability to emphasize the elements in the music generate the core sound of Falkevik.  


Julie Falkevik Tungevåg : piano / vocals 

Ellen Brekken : upright & electric bass 

Marius Trøan Hansen : drums & electronics 

Viola "Amplify Me" : Ola Kvernberg 

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Falkevik band photo
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